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Field of pediatric consists of pediatric kidney problems, blood diseases, infectious diseases, heart problems, digestion problems, immunological problems, rheumatology and so on.

Children of all age groups need more attention and care, and in the meantime, health, prevention of diseases, treatment and in some cases rehabilitation are needed in the shortest time and in the best way.

Aban Hospital, by inviting the cooperation of committed physicians with a differentiated service approach, established a clinic for children with a threefold approach to prevention, treatment and rehabilitation at specialized and sub-specialized levels, as well as educating mothers and families about children's health and diseases. Has done.

In this section, we have skilled podiatrist. This section is equipped with advanced technologies for caring children. Some of the services are:

-          Infectious diseases

-          Kidney diseases

-          Blood problems

-          Pediatric surgeries

-          Heart problems

-          Rheumatology diseases

-          Neurosurgeries

-          Orthopedic

Features of this section are:

-          Having personnel who have kind relationship with children and their parents.

-          Having a play room

-          Joyful coloring of the rooms

In this section, 40-day to 13- year children are hospitalized, with various internal diseases. In addition, chemotherapy is done in this part.