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Travel Guide

Travel to Iran, cure and return to destination

Aban hospital offers various services for international patients.

You can pass your course of treatment and diagnosis, in special rooms with the best facilities. You can contact with experts of international sections, online or through our site. Our experts tell you all IPD information and answer all your questions.

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In this step, they want your medical histories. These papers then send for doctors after discussion, best treatment plan will be considered.

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After that, doctor determine an appointment with patient and you can prepare your visa and ticket. Don’t worry about accommodation, because we have contracted with a well hotel near hospital and you can reserve a room.

When you arrive, our experts help you in file formation, collecting and recording needed data. Then, they will guide you to your accommodation, to get prepared for examinations and medical tests. If you need cloths or other accessories, tell it to our employees.

بخش های مهم 1

After that, performing examinations and tests will be started. Results will prepare timely with the best quality.

Aban hospital minimizes time of receiving results and medical services, by using international standard, skilled doctors and specialized space.

Our English and Arabic translators are in the hospital and guide you.

Aban hospital has all formal and international certifications, so you can do all medical and surgical services on our center.

After treatment, we perform final examinations and determine more visit (if necessary).

After finishing course of treatment, cost will determine.

If you need a taxi to get to the airport, a driver predominant in English language will be available.

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