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Orthopedic surgery is a treatment procedure performed on the musculoskeletal system in case of injuries or various conditions. The musculoskeletal system includes the bones, the joints, and the following adjacent soft tissues: muscles (which protect and allow movement of bones and joints), ligaments (which connect the bones) and tendons (which connect the muscles to bones).

-          Hand surgery

-          Shoulder surgery

-          Spine surgery

-          Hip surgery

-          Knee surgery

-          Ankle surgery

-          Pediatric orthopedic surgery

-          Surgery for trauma and skeletal injuries

-          Sport injury surgery

Our services in this section are as follows:

-          Bone graft

-          Repair and treatment of fractures

-          Repair of the joint

-          Joint arthroscopy

-          Internal fixation

-          External fixation

-          Ligament repair

-          Treatment congenital abnormalities

-          Repair and treatment of sport injuries

Aban hospital orthopaedic surgeons:

·         Dr. Afridoun

·         Dr. Akashe

·         Dr. Siyasi

·         Dr. Talebian Khorasani

·         Dr. Tavassoli

·         Dr. Haji Zadeh

·         Dr. Moieni

·         Dr. Navab Sheikholeslam

·         Dr. Abdi

·         Dr. Farzan

·         Dr. Nazerani Houshmand