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Total hip arthroplasty

Arthroplasty means joint reconstruction. When a joint is damaged and causes problems for the patient, the damage may be so great that surgery is needed.

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In this situation, different surgeries may be used, one of which is joint replacement. In joint replacement surgery, part or parts of the joint are replaced with an artificial component.
For example, this type of surgery may be needed when the hip joint is severely damaged. So joint replacement is a type of arthroplasty.

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Your doctor may decide to just remove the femoral head from the body and replace it with a prosthetic metal head. Because only half of the joint has been changed in this condition, this procedure is called hemi arthroplasty .Sometimes orthopedists have to replace both the femoral head and the acetabular cavity (Complete hip replacement); This type of surgery is called total arthroplasty. Therefore, total hip arthroplasty is a type of orthopedic surgery in which the hip joint is Completely replaced with an artificial joint.

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In this type of surgery, the femoral head is removed and a metal artificial head is inserted instead.

The inner surface of the acetabular cavity is removed and replaced with a metal bowl covered with a layer of polyethylene. The metal head is placed inside this metal bowl and thus the whole hip or hip joint is replaced with an artificial joint.

Total hip arthroplasty is one of the most successful orthopedic surgeries and in most cases can completely eliminate hip pain.

The most common use of total hip arthroplasty is in the treatment of osteoarthritis and hip failure. In this disease, the cartilage of the hip joint in the pelvic area is destroyed and as a result of the wear of the femurs and pelvis together, severe pain is felt in the pelvis. There is also limitation of movement and lameness.

Total hip arthroplasty surgery can eliminate this pain and limitation of movement and lameness and give a new life to the patient.

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Other uses for this surgery include darkening of the femoral head, congenital pelvic dislocation, and rheumatoid arthritis.

All of these diseases can lead to hip damage and severe pain, and when this pain does not respond well to medical treatment, total hip arthroplasty surgery can be used to relieve the pain.

In recent decades, huge advances have been made in the production of artificial joints, and changes in implantation techniques have made this surgery more efficient.

If the artificial joint is used for the patient and this joint is implanted with the right technique and the patient treats his artificial joint properly, the life of the artificial joint in total hip atroplasty surgery will reach about thirty years.