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Labor Block

block labor


1.       2 new advanced LDR system

2.       24 hours a day services

3.       Resident doctors

4.       Hoteling facilities for doctors and midwifery experts

5.       Midwifery triage entrance

6.       Easy access to NICU and Obstetrics and gynecology unit

7.       Doing midwifery and obstetric emergency

8.       NST

9.       2 isolation rooms

10.   One LDR room

11.   Performing controls, cares and education during pregnancy and after that

12.   Preparation for female surgeries

13.   Emergency natural birth and cesarean delivery

14.   Preparing childbirth statistics

Technical manager of labor department:

Dr. Keivan Pajouh (obstetrician and gynaecologist)

Accountable labor unit: Ziba Haj Hossein Ali


Working at Aban hospital for 17 years