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Aban Provincial Specialist and Specialist Hospital as one of the best centers for diagnostic, therapeutic and medical services in area 6 in Tehran since 1968 with an area of about 6000 square meters has started its work. Aban Hospital is ranked first in the first-class hospitals in Tehran's first-class private-sector hospitals.
اخبار و رویداد-1
The coverage of the center is also very extensive, so the emergency department is active around the clock in various internal
and surgical procedures for the provision of therapeutic services to patients. The hospital also has 8 admissions departments.

Hospital sections:
Surgery department :Obstetrics and Gynecology - Orthopedics - Neurology - Urology-General Surgery - ENT
Internal section: kidney - digestive - pediatric - cardiovascular
Special sections:IVF - NICU - ICU - CCU / POST CCU
Hospital Paraclinical Units : laboratory unit - pharmacy unit - Physiotherapy unit - The colonoscopy and endoscopy unit - Radiology and sonography - Dialysis unit - Odiometry