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Mission : Aban Hospital is one of the private medical centers in Tehran that provides specialized health care services for women, maternity and infertility to the general public, regardless of gender, religion, nationality, and language.

 اعضای هیات مدیره

Ethical Charter :
- Patient morphology and satisfaction of the client
- Safe and healthy work environment and emphasis on patient and staff safety
- Responsibility and respect to Patient rights
- Creativity and Innovation in providing superior and modern health care
- Respect for staff, patients, fellows
- Maintaining moral values and human dignity
- Empowering employees and promoting academic and practical skills


* Aban Specialized and Sub-Specialized Hospital is one of the private hospitals under supervision of Iran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services.

* In order to manage the provision of health services within the framework of guidelines and accreditation standards for improve the quality of diagnostic, treatment and care services,  it(Aban Hospital) pursues the following goals :

- Obtaining patients satisfaction in the shadow of divine grace and relying on the knowledge and skills of committed and specialized hospital staff and using new technology

- Emphasis on human and moral values as the most important part of the philosophy and existence of the organization

- Providing the best and safest services to all service recipients

 منشور اخلاقی


specialty referral center for natural childbirth and infertility treatment in west of Asia(Tehran) in accordance with the latest scientific standards by providing the most useful and efficient services with the approach of continuous quality improvement and creating a safe environment for recipients of service