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Aban Hospital without Corona

Informs all clients under the attention of the management staff and the standards announced by the Ministry of Health regarding the fight against coronavirus, all medical staff and services working in the maternity ward and neonatal ward, as well as the operating room, have been screened and in terms of the article with the virus Corona has provided safety conditions in the hospital. Also, in order to implement the necessary precautions, the meeting plan with patients has been completely eliminated in order to cut the transmission chain, and the mothers and their beloved infants to receive the necessary services in a healthy environment.
Also, the daily disinfection program is performed several times a day, and the protocols for protection and personal confrontation with Corona are implemented by the staff. Given the hospital's commitment to the health of all staff and patients, ‌ strives to create a safe and peaceful environment, as in the past, to create a memorable atmosphere for mothers.
The neonatal ward, delivery block, infertility and infertility treatment ward, and the gynecology clinic of Aban Hospital are ready to provide services to mothers.
Dear mothers can plan the delivery according to their circumstances and contact the delivery block (+982183839765). Also, the neonatal ward is active 24 hours a day and is ready to serve esteemed clients (NICU neonatal intensive care unit: +98213883839160)
Nov 10, 2020
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