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childbirth by Cesarean section  method

Cesarean section is a type of abdominal surgery in which the fetus is born with a cleft in the uterus and the mother's abdomen. Cesarean section is usually recommended when normal delivery is not possible. Natural childbirth is the best and most complete type of childbirth.

it is better to know that if natural childbirth is possible, this method will not be a suitable way to give birth to a child.

When will a cesarean section be needed?

Cesarean section is performed when the life of the mother or fetus is in danger. For example, the body structure of some women is such that natural childbirth is not possible (the pelvis of these women is usually small), so the doctor recommends cesarean section to maintain the health of mother and child. There are other cases in which the doctor decides to perform this operation. These are as follows:

* The process of childbirth is slow

* Abnormal fetal heart rate during labor

* Cord problems

* Large fetal body

* Lack of proper fetal rotation for normal delivery

* Infectious diseases of the Medes

* Multiple pregnancies

Complications of cesarean section

Due to the fact that anesthesia is injected into the mother during this delivery, the effects of anesthesia remain on the mother after delivery and cause problems for her.

There is also a risk of infection at the surgical site in some cases. Sometimes after this operation, a blood clot forms in the mother's legs or lungs.

Recent studies have shown that cesarean section increases a child's risk of developing autism. Also, a baby born this way may be at risk for other diseases, including respiratory disorders.

For this reason, doctors recommend that it is better for mothers to prepare for a normal delivery until this delivery should not take place.

Preoperative preparations

You will be ready for a cesarean section the night before, and you should not eat or drink anything for 8 hours before the operation. Because anesthetics slow down the digestive process in the digestive system, this causes vomiting. Your doctor may prescribe anti-nausea medication.

You may also be asked to take antibiotics to prevent infection. It is better to take a shower before the cesarean section to reduce your stress and be ready for this operation.

In Hospital

When you arrive at the hospital, you will be asked to wear operating room gowns. The nurse hands you an IV to inject the fluid and medications needed during surgery into your body.

You should wash your lower body (and shave if necessary) before going to the hospital. A catheter is then attached to your bladder to drain your urine.At this time, your breathing, oxygen intake and heart rate are monitored regularly. To reduce stress, the medical team introduces themselves to you.

You receive an epidural that anesthetizes your spinal cord. This quickly stops sending pain to the brain.سزارین

The medical team will hold you down to keep you safe and healthy.This injection may be painful. But this will take the pain away from you during the cesarean section without complete anesthesia. The epidural injection makes you feel cold and shaky. Do not worry! This feeling is completely natural.


Then a curtain is placed between your upper torso and lower torso. This will cause the surgery to be performed sterile and you will not be able to see the procedure. You may want your spouse to be with you. Surgery begins. A horizontal incision is made in the lower part of your abdomen. For some women, this incision is vertical.


You may feel some pressure in the abdomen, which is perfectly normal. In a cesarean section, the skin of the muscles and the abdominal cavity are cut and the bladder is removed from the uterus.The uterus and amniotic sac are then cut. The doctor, midwife and nurse remove the baby from the uterus. The baby's head comes out first.


Do not worry if the baby does not cry quickly. Because the baby's head, mouth and nose need to be cleaned. The umbilical cord is clamped and then cut. The pediatrician examines the baby's vital signs such as appearance, gaze, pulse, activity and breathing. If you are strong enough, you may want to hug your baby. This is the best time to have skin-to-skin contact with your baby.سزارین4

At this time, the doctor removes the placenta. The surgeon then sutures all the layers he has cut. Cesarean section is generally performed in 45 minutes.


After surgery

After cesarean section, rest and watch your baby breastfeed. Your body produces prolactin, a hormone that causes milk to be present in your breasts. If you are breastfeeding your baby, using a mattress will help a lot. You may feel cold, extreme tiredness, tremors and nausea when anesthetics are taken out of your body.

Wearing tight socks at this time will help prevent blood clots. It may be difficult for you to move for a day or two. In the following days, you may feel cramps in your abdomen because your uterus is constantly contracting. The abdomen helps you in this position. Do not drive or exercise for 6 to 8 weeks.

Congratulations you have a baby. If you are worried about something, be sure to talk to your doctor.